/Fios Quantum Gateway Router Review

Fios Quantum Gateway Router Review

Is your current internet connection giving you trouble? If you said yes, before you call up and complain to your service provider, you might try replacing your wireless router. Before you start searching for the best wireless router on the market, take a moment to consider the Fios Quantum Gateway Router.

Get ready to throw out your old coaxial cable router. This dual-band router with its dual-core processor will greatly enhance your online experience, so why not take a moment and read more about it in our review below?


With the Fios Quantum Gateway Router, you’ll get the latest and greatest specs for network performance. You’ll see improved Wi-Fi speeds, greater Wi-fi signal range, and continuous access for all the users in your home.

You’ll notice a stronger signal throughout your home for faster service. That means if you’re used to relying on Wi-fi extenders, you can get rid of them. You’re getting faster online streaming and gaming throughout your entire home.

The internet connection in your home will be more efficient no matter what time of day you’re online.

Once you have your Fios Quantum Gateway Router, you’ll enjoy some of these amazing features:

  • Faster, more consistent performance from the router’s built-in dual-core processor
  • A high-speed Ethernet connection approaching gigabit speeds, which are perfect for streaming and gaming
  • Dual-band technology that supports both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz bands. That Mbps means when multiple people are accessing your network, you don’t have to worry about experiencing buffering or lagging
  • If you do have a coax connection, you can double your data transfer speeds using MoCA 2.0 technology
  • Advanced features like VPN router capabilities so you know your information is always secure and protected
  • Better connectivity throughout your home with the maximum wireless range


The Fios Quantum Gateway Router is a small device, measuring 10 inches deep by 10 inches tall by 2 inches wide. Through this router, you and your family will have wireless connectivity in your home. It broadcasts our Wi-fi network so everyone can connect to it and enjoy their favorite online activities.

This sleek little device can sit on a shelf or table and won’t draw attention to itself, which is just how a router should work. Still, it’s stylish enough that if you want to leave it out where everyone can see it, you’re more likely to get compliments than complaints.


Routers don’t have to be boring pieces of hardware that you plug into your modem and stick in the closet. These devices are exciting and bring intelligence, efficiency, and high-quality performance to your home internet connection and Wi-fi network.

The Fios Quantum Gateway Router is a high-end, well-designed device. This router is definitely worth having to improve the online experience for you and everyone else in your home. It’s a reliable and robust router, which means it’s going to experience much wear and tear.


If you’re on the fence about whether or not to upgrade your router, check out the Fios Quantum Gateway Router. It’s even compatible with the Comcast Xfinity. You won’t be disappointed.

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